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City of Fort Wayne, IN
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City of Toledo, OH



With the assistance of the Walmart Storm Water Compliance Team Water Quality Grant Program, the MRBPLG developed an outreach initiative entitled “MS2 - Municipal Stormwater Stewards” to create an instantly recognizable allusion to the EPA MS4 program. The MS2 initiative was designed to assist the core partners with training to enhance their existing Phase II stormwater programs. Funding from the Walmart Grant Program will pay for design and installation of innovative best management practices (BMPs) such as rain gardens, bio-swales, permeable pavement/concrete, and green roofs. An educational component was also developed focusing on stormwater pollutants, what can be done to reduce those pollutants, and increasing the awareness of water quality regulations within the Maumee River Basin.

The overall goals of the “MS2 – Municipal Stormwater Stewards” initiative are to develop knowledgeable and experienced MS4 staff, provide appropriate information to the public, and encourage communities to lead by example when protecting stormwater quality. This initiative can become a model for other areas throughout the United States showing an example of successful outreach and training that can be offered to expand existing MS4 programs.

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